Episode 065 — Competing Against Non-Consumption

Ben and James discuss Apple earnings, Twitter’s troubles, and whether or not the Internet is over-rated.

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  • Ben Thompson: Apple’s Good Earnings, Apple is Not a Services Company — Stratechery Daily Update
  • Paul Carsten: China Smartphone Glory Days Are Over as Apple, Xiaomi Face Tough Times — Reuters
  • Ben Thompson: How Facebook Squashed Twitter — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Twitter Follow-up — Stratechery Daily Update
  • Ben Thompson: Twitter’s Marketing Problem — Stratechery
  • James Allworth and Ben Thompson: Check Facebook Time — Exponent
  • Ben Thompson: Speech and Abuse on the Internet — Stratechery Daily Update
  • Ben Thompson: Twitter and What Might Have Been — Stratechery
  • Paul Krugman: Paul Krugman Reviews ‘The Rise and Fall of American Growth’ by Robert J. Gordon — The New York Times


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