Episode 058 — The Attention Market

Ben and James touch on Twitter’s new “Like” button before diving into what might be a new model for publishing. Then, a discussion of bundle economics and Stratechery’s future. Buckle up!

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  • Ben Thompson: Grantland and the (Surprising) Future of Publishing — Stratechery
  • Todd VanDerWerff: 2015 Is the Year the Old Internet Finally Died — Vox
  • Episode 012: The Internet Rainforest — Exponent
  • Chris Dixon: How Bundling Benefits Sellers and Buyers — cdixon blog
  • Ben Thompson: Ballmer’s Bad Bundle Economics — Stratechery Daily Update
  • Ben Thompson: The Jobs TV Does — Stratechery Daily Update
  • Episode 034: The Story of Stratechery — Exponent


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