Episode 166 — Fence-building vs. Axe-wielding

Ben and James discuss Senator Warren’s proposal to break up Big Tech, including why its history is wrong, why details matter, and what needs to be done instead. Plus, Spotify’s antitrust complaint against Apple.


  • Senator Elizabeth Warren: Here’s how we can break up Big Tech — Medium
  • Ben Thompson: Where Warren’s Wrong — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Amazon’s Price Parity Provision, The Amazon Marketplace Question — Stratechery Daily Update
  • Five Fast Facts About Apple’s Anti-competitive Behavior — Time To Play Fair (Spotify Website)
  • Ben Thompson: Spotify Files Antitrust Complaint Against Apple, Spotify and Warren, More Amazon Marketplace Changes — Stratechery Daily Update
  • James Allworth: The Blessing of Failure — Medium
  • Ben Thompson: Why Facebook Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Buy tbh — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: The Value Chain Constraint — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: The State of Technology at the End of 2018 — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Ends, Means, and Antitrust — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: The European Commission Versus Android — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Antitrust, the App Store, and Apple — Stratechery


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