Episode 095 — The Backlash Has Arrived

Ben and James discuss the Trump election, filter bubbles, and the responsibility of the tech industry.

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  • Ben Thompson: Donald Trump is the President-Elect, Tech Under Trump, The Big Picture — Stratechery Daily Update
  • Episode 085: Ballots and Guillotines — Exponent
  • Ben Thompson: The Brexit Possibility — Stratechery
  • James Allworth: Brexit, Trump, and the Ultimatum Game — Medium
  • Ben Thompson: The Voters Decide — Stratechery
  • “Day One in Trump’s America” — Twitter Moments
  • Kim-Mai Cutler: “The best way to have the stickiest and most lucrative product? Be a systematic tool for confirmation bias.” — Twitter
  • Ben Thompson: Facebook and Filter Bubbles — Stratechery Daily Update
  • The Dalai Lama: Behind Our Anxiety, the Fear of Being Unneeded — New York Times


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