Episode 073 — Get Off My Lawn!

Ben and James discuss how Snapchat has built it’s product so effectively, the narcissist in all of us, and the structure of social around the world.


  • Ben Thompson: Snapchat’s Ladder — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Old-Fashioned Snapchat — Stratechery
  • Snapchat’s Updated Policies Hint at Bigger Search, Ad Ambitions — MarketingLand
  • “The Snarkie” — Twitter
  • Ben Thompson: The Multitudes of Social — Stratechery
  • Alex Muir: Facebook is the New Excel — AlexMuir.com
  • WeChat Payments Rocket as China’s Tencent Rides Gaming Wave — Reuters
  • Ben Thompson: Snapchat Follow-up; WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage — Stratechery Daily Update


  • Ben Thompson: Services, Not Devices — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: It’s Time to Split Up Microsoft — Stratechery


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