Episode 041 – Bubbles

In this week’s episode Ben and James discuss whether or not there is a bubble, as well as a bit on the Apple Watch. Please note this was recorded before the Apple Watch reviews were released.


  • Ben Thompson: It’s Not 1999 – Stratechery
  • The Unicorn List – Fortune
  • Ben Thompson: The Multitudes of Social – Stratechery
  • Bill Gurley: Investors Beware: Today’s $100M+ Late-stage Private Rounds Are Very Different from an IPO – Above the Crowd
  • Turd on the Front Porch – The Talk Show
  • Ben Thompson: Apple Watch’s Bad Messaging – Stratechery (members-only)
  • David Pierce: iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch – Wired
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance – YouTube
  • Ben Thompson: Apple Watch: Asking Why and Saying No – Stratechery


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