Episode 027 – Regulation, Stagnation, and Culture

Ben and James follow up on last week’s Uber discussion, talk about the problem with regulation, and worry about stagnation and the different cultures of Europe, America, and Asia.


  • Nicole Campbell: What Was Said at the Uber Dinner – Huffington Post
  • Lane Wood: Here Ego Again – Medium
  • Chase Madar: Why It’s Impossible to Indict a Cop – Nation
  • Peter Sterne: Jack Schafer on Losing his Job and the State of Things – Capital New York
  • Ben Thompson: Why Uber Fights – Stratechery
  • Zenefits Faces Shutdown In Utah For Giving Its Cloud-Based HR Software Away For Free – Techcrunch
  • So You Think You Can Be a Hair Braider – New York Times
  • Note: A federal judge eventually gave the right for the Utah hair-braider to work. In addition, the Utah governor has pledged to look into the law affecting Zenefits, but no concrete changes have been implemented.
  • James Allworth: How Corruption is Strangling U.S. Innovation – Harvard Business Review
  • StartupLJackson: “Dammit Utah, it’s shit like this that drives people into the arms of Ayn Rand.” – Twitter
  • Blake Ross: Uber.gov – Medium
  • Jenna Wortham: Ubering While Black – Medium


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