Episode 023: Apple Pay

In this week’s episode Ben and James discuss Apple Pay and its impact on retailers and banks.


  • Glenn Fleishman: A Week of Apple Pay: Chips, PINs, and…signatures? – Six Colors
  • Ben Thompson: The Problem with Payments – Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Why Apple Pay was Blocked, Why Apple Pay Will Succeed – Stratechery
  • Josh Constine: CurrentC is the Big Retailers’ Clunky Attempt to Kill Apple Pay and Credit Card Fees – TechCrunch
  • Charles Duhigg: How Companies Learn Your Secrets – New York Times
  • Ben Thompson: Publishers and the Smiling Curve – Stratechery


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3 thoughts on “Episode 023: Apple Pay

  1. Just came here to thank you for another great episode. This one and the previous on Peak Google has perhaps been the best episodes you’ve produced so far. Lots of insightful discussion where you’ve blown each others minds repeatedly. Good stuff!

    Also, thanks for not making a special Halloween episode….

  2. Absolutely wonderful episode. Thanks.

    You talked about how Apple is leveraging Visa and Master card networks and does not make much money on top of it. Every time I hear you saying, that’s not where apple makes money (or has to make money), I am amazed how Apple runs its P&L and decides how big to bite every new pie it’s dipping its fingers in. I would love to hear your analysis of it and probably some comparison with competitors (mainly Microsoft almost as diverse as Apple). Thanks again.

  3. This is the best thorough review I have heard on APPLE PAY. Ben and James now have a look at what looppay can do, check looppay.com.
    1 leverage the same technology on APPLE PAY for tokenization and get any issuer card dynamic and masked and will work in EMV POS…
    2 Work at 90+ % of ALL Merchants without any possibility to be blocked because merchants would not block the magstripe channel is it is 99% of their transaction.
    3 Will get embedded in handsets to work as a COMPLEMENT or ALTERNATIVE to NFC

    All with great consumer experience. See the disruption it can represent and maybe make a podcast on them and other alternatives to APPLE PAY !

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