Episode 009: The Societal Perspective

In this episode we first defend surge pricing before continuing our debate from last week: is society better off when corporations try to innovate, or would we be better off if we left the innovation to startups? Your answer to this question may change your opinion of Silicon Valley.

Note: In the podcast Ben talks about owning a lot of Microsoft stock; to be clear that was while he was an employee. As a matter of policy he does not hold any individual stocks currently.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 009: The Societal Perspective

  1. Abbot and Costello – study these guys if you to decide to change professions. Comedy could work for you two! 🙂


    “If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be in Apple” – Tim Cook, to shareholders, regarding Apple’s environmental initiatives not immediately enhancing shareholder value. One way of dealing with shareholder pressure.

    “There’s an algorithm … there’s supposed to be an algorithm … I don’t know what they do over there, maybe they have parties all day long.” Larry Page, regarding Google Ventures. Another way of dealing with shareholder pressure.

    When testing theories and suggesting potential strategies for large companies vs. startups, it may be helpful to throw out the top and bottom 5% and concentrate on the middle. What makes a company a spectacular success or failure is likely to be something outside the norm. Rather than explaining Microsoft of Apple, I suggest that the goal of a theory should be to guide people and businesses through the next 20 years.

    “But the next twenty years are going to make this last twenty years just pale. We’re just at the beginning of the beginning of all these kind of changes.” Kevin Kelly, in an article linked by Ben Bajarin.


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