Episode 007: “Growing Up” v “Hungry and Foolish”

There’s a bit of a consensus building post WWDC: Apple has grown up, and it’s great.

But is it great? Is it possible that something essential has been lost? After all, a lot of the praise being heaped on Apple and Tim Cook was once used for another company – Microsoft. In this episode we examine what it is that makes Apple unique, and why things might turn out different this time – and why they might not.

In addition, we discuss the end of privacy and what might be done about it.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 007: “Growing Up” v “Hungry and Foolish”

  1. Interesting thoughts about Apple “growing up” and the problems that may bring.

    After this WWDC I was thinking back to the introduction of the original iMac, and what that meant for Apple peripheral makers. No more ADB or SCSI, no serial or modem ports, with zero advance warning. Impetuous? You bet.

    Can Apple hire or buy some of that impetuousness back into the company if they need to? Will they recognize that need when or if it exists? Ben’s comment (in another episode) about Apple letting Beats retain it’s identity may be relevant to this.

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