Episode 001 – The Garbage Truck Song

In this, the first episode of the Exponent podcast, we talk about our background, Microsoft and disruption, and the meaning of culture. We also explore our goals for this podcast, and just a bit about Taiwanese garbage trucks.

Show Notes:

  • If Steve Ballmer Ran Apple link
  • The Halo Effect:…and Eight Other Business Delusions that Deceive Managers link
  • Skating Towards the Goal link
  • Bill Gates’ Steve Jobs Moment link
  • Friction link
  • Note: The Internet Explorer rendering engine is called Trident, not Triton

5 thoughts on “Episode 001 – The Garbage Truck Song

  1. Hi guys… I found myself here after clicking on a tweet link. Interesting conversation about MSFT and musical garbage trucks!

    Clearly the planet’s economy and indeed the definition of life, work and play is changing at a blinding speed. And you two did a nice job of wrestling with just one aspect .. that of corporate culture. s change really possible?

    I’d encourage you to continue the series and do hope to listen in again.


  2. Really enjoyed the new podcast guys. Especially the part about organisational culture was interesting. The theory mentioned has quite some overlap with structuration theory by Anthony Giddens (a sociologist). I used structuration theory for my MBA thesis. It really does a great job of explaining how human behaviour is structured by social structures (such as culture) and how these behaviours reproduce these structures over time. Might be interesting in the light of your discussion about organisational culture and change.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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