Episode 082 — A Podcast About Podcasts

Ben and James discuss the present and future of podcasts, and how media companies need to take a holistic approach to their businesses.


  • Ben Thompson: The Future of Podcasts — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Why Web Pages Suck — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Publishers and the Smiling Curve — Stratechery
  • Ben Thompson: Grantland and the (Surprising) Future of Publishing — Stratechery
  • Ezra Klein Show: Ben Thompson on How to Make it in the Media in 2016 — Vox
  • Marco Arment: Apple’s Actual Role in Podcasting: Be Careful What You Wish For — Marco.org
  • Podcasts Surge, but Producers Fear Apple Isn’t Listening — New York Times


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